We recommend you bring Euros or Dollars to exchange the counter of banks by Dobras ( STD) , the local currency . The Omali accepts Visa, Mastercard and AMEX as payment . There are no ATM machines on the Island.


Only if you have visited any other African country in the past 3 months, you must present on arrival a valid “International Vaccination Certificate” for Yellow Fever. Please ask your doctor for special advice.


They are not required any Specific Vaccines paragraph Visiting Sao Tome and Principe .

a) Passport valid beyond three (3) months;
b) Have Schengen visa or the United States of America.

In other cases, the visa must be requested through the website: and wait for authorization (send by email).


For the conservation of the island of Principe , the regional government requests the contribution of € 5 per adult ( over 18 ) .

How to get to Sao Tomé


There are flights to Sao Tome from Lisbon, Portugal to TAP Portugal and the STP Airways.


There are flights to Sao Tome from Luanda, Angola to TAAG.

There are flights to Sao Tome from Accra, Ghana with TAP Portugal.


There are flights to São Tomé from Libreville , Gabon to CEIBA. Consult your travel agent.

How to get to Principe

There are daily flights São Tomé - Principe - Sao Tome , except Wednesday , operated by STP Airways.